latteria studio – an open kitchen in Rome

THE NEW LATTERIA STUDIO IS OPERATIONAL.  This space, in Monteverde Nuovo near the San Giovanni di Dio market, is for recipe testing, food photography, film & video projects and occasional cooking workshops.  Filled with quintessential Roman light, with a simple but functional kitchen and shelves lined with everything that goes with food photography; a collection of Italian ceramics, linens and flea market finds, interesting utensils from across the globe, and the right piece of cutlery for every occasion.

The original Latteria Studio closed in July 2020, having been created in 2015 by Alice and food photographer Marie Sjoberg.  This sunny space also hosted  food lovers encounters, and is a regular teaching kitchen for chef and teacher Carla Tomasi and visiting cooks with recipes to share.

Photos: Julia Speis, Vanessa Miles, Vanessa Arena