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ten.3 ciambelline al vino

What I’ve learnt from the Italians. You can bake without butter. I grew up in a fairly butter heavy culinary environment.  In the sense that at my parent’s house there is always a butter dish on the kitchen bench, with salted butter ready to be smeared on toast, sneaked onto potatoes and used in cakes.  My […]


outdoor museums: shopping in Rome

If a city, especially one like Rome, is a great outdoor museum, then shopping is one of the (legitimate) ways of exploring it.  Lexically speaking to do the shopping or fare la spesa is a needs based activity, consisting mainly of a long list stuffed into your back pocket (or left at home on the kitchen bench) and […]

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ripe tomatoes and baby food: pappa al pomodoro

During the first year of Alberto’s life I found myself skulking around corners in my Roman apartment building to avoid a certain generation of neighbors, dreading the inevitable lecture on the brodo vegetale.  Being a first time mother, and all the more a foreigner, I was clearly crying out for guidance on the arts of child nutrition.  I wanted […]