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places to eat in Rome (an updated list)

This is an updated version of my original A paper tablecloth guide to dining in Rome written for friends, friends of friends, friends of instagram pals and anyone else who happens to ask ‘where should we eat?’. Rome has a veritable wealth of gastronomic tourism and food writing, so the traveller has a more than […]


Broccoli, parmigiano & lemon cake

A bit like in the case of a carrot cake, the broccoli in this cake doesn’t necessarily add flavour (the parmigiano and lemon do the heavy lifting) but it does add vegetable substance in the place of extra carbs. And even though some of the nutrients have been lost in the boiling, the cake is […]


nostalgic baking: walnut crescents

This recipe is another family treasure, one of the hand me downs from my mother, my Auntie Margie and my grandma Marjorie, via my trusty recipe folder circa 1994 (home to butchers’ recipe cards, newspaper clippings and other late 20th Century gems). When I mentioned the walnut crescents on the phone the other day, Mum […]


lockdown recipes: fennel and potato bake

Thursday 19 March 2020.  Schools in Rome have been closed since the 6th, and we have been on official and increasingly stringent lockdown since Monday the 9th. How is it?  Relaxing?  Challenging?  All of the above.  Nothing to do but loads to do, a bit like tossing simultaneous balls and not managing to catch them […]

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mothers’ love: anzac biscuits

A couple of days ago a gentleman asked me whether I was British.  I replied ‘No, I am Australian’.  He suggested that this was the same; making me essentially British.  I repeated that I was Australian, and that did not make me British. 2015 marked the centenary of the landing at Gallipoli, the start of […]