cooking for photography, film,
and the family

Melbourne born and Rome based, I am a self taught cook, and work with local and international photographers to create food imagery for books, magazines and commercial projects.  I develop recipes and take the accompanying photos for the Italian weekly magazine Ci Piace Cucinare as well as sourcing, cooking, and producing food for film projects.

I created latteria studio (version 2 in the pipeline) as a working kitchen studio, and home for an ever growing ceramics collection, as well as a space where curious cooks from around the globe can gather.  The acclaimed Market to Table series with Carla Tomasi and Rachel Roddy, annual Dumplings classes with Vanessa Miles, and Persian feasts with Saghar Setareh were some of the highlights of my open kitchen.  I have written food and travel pieces for Olive magazine, De Smaak Van Italie e Great Ocean Quarterly, and in 2020 was named one of the 50 Women in Food by Corriere della Sera.

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